There are thousands of persons with mental health problems all over Nepal, abandoned by their own loved ones and struggling for survival on the streets.

Your donation enables KOSHISH to provide such persons, the opportunity for a dignified life.
Your generosity will transform a life
$50   Average cost to rescue a person with mental health problem
• $10   A rescued person's weekly food expense
$10   A rescued person's weekly medicine cost
$5     A caretaker's daily wage
$50   Average cost to reunite a recovered person with their family

KOSHISH: Making an effort

KOSHISH is advocating for the inclusion of mental health into the primary health care system of the country and for the mainstreaming of psychosocial disability in the disability momentum. Due to unclear policies, discriminatory laws and stigma against mental health problems this issue has not been able to move ahead as it had to. We are striving to achieve our goal of protecting dignity of persons living with psychosocial disability. Mental health is among least discussed issues in Nepal. Majority of persons having mental health problem go untreated, uncared, and often unnoticed. As a humanitarian organization we are making the efforts to be the part of suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters with mental illness. We embrace them and restore their dignity through rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration in their own family/community. But we cannot do it alone. We need those who believe in our cause to join hands with us. This is a collective campaign. We need you to join hands. Together we can overcome the challenges and stigma related to mental illness in the society.

Recent News
Rotary supports materials to the beneficiaries

The Rotary Club of Patan, District 3292, has been supporting KOSHISH since a long time and yet again in March 2017, the club with the support of District 5950 and the Rotary Club of Mound-Westonka in th... More

Family and community level intervention turn effective

After three months of intensive care and support, Shova was reintegrated in her family and community Thimreswara of Gorkha district on 29th September 2013.  She was identified with severe schi... More

Woman rescued

Chhogel Lama (psudonym) is a woman having mental health problem who was seen roaming in the street of Jawalakhel since last 25 days. No one knows where she came from and what she used to... More

Transforming lives: one-by-one
One of the area of KOSHISH is short term residential care where the abandoned persons living with mental health problem get proper treatment, care and support. Each survivor has their own tragic story behind the abandonment. We regularly track the survivors who have reintegrated in the family or community. Some of them are comprised in the success stories.
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