KOSHISH - Making an Effort

Koshish is a nongovernmental organization registered in the District of Kathmandu, with the approval of Nepal Social Welfare Council in 2008. The KOSHISH self help organization evolved from the commitment of a person with mental distress/psychosocial disability as recognized the need for improved systems and reduced stigma in Nepal. The word "KOSHISH" means "making an effort" in Nepali and this organization is making an effort to mainstreaming mental health into primary health care and psychosocial disability in disability momentum.

KOSHISH is the voice of people living with mental distress/psychosocial disability. The KOSHISH self help organization evolved from the experiences of person with mental distress/psychosocial disability and their families to form a support group and advocacy for their rights. KOSHISH has been working on mental health and psychosocial issues since 2004. It is formally registered in 2008 as a national, non-profit self help nongovernment organization in Kathmandu District Administrative Office (Regd No. 086/065) with approval of the Nepal Social Welfare Council (Regd No. 25676).

KOSHISH's Vision
    “Mental and psychosocial well-being for all!”
KOSHISH's Mission
    KOSHISH seeks to provide community-based mental health and psychosocial support and advocate for improved mental health related laws and policies, including their implementation.
KOSHISH works in a twin track approach which focuses on mental health services in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) approach and advocacy for prevention, promotion and protection of mental health issues.
  • To ensure implementation and amendment of the National Mental Health Policy 1997.
  • To work for integration of mental health into primary health care systems of Nepal.
  • To advocate for the update of existing disability and mental health laws in line with United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD, 2006).
  • At the instigation of KOSHISH, the Government of Nepal has integrated mental health into Nepal Health Sector Reform Plan-II (NHSP-II).
  • KOSHISH re-discovered the National Mental Health Policy, 1997 in August 2010.
  • KOSHISH's facilitation on mental health has inspired national stakeholders to prioritize mental health issues.