KOSHISH is a nongovernmental organization, as a national self-help organization working in the field of mental health in Nepal. The word "KOSHISH" means "making an effort”. KOSHISH follows a twin-track approach; advocacy and direct service delivery. Koshish is affilated with, Social Welfare Council under Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welface (Affiliation No. 25676) and registered in District Administration Office, Kathmandu (Registration No. 086/065) in 2008. Since 2008, advocacy for inclusion and dignity of people with mental health and psychosocial issues and transforming lives of people living in vulnerable conditions, has been at the forefront of KOSHISH’s goals with UNCRPD, 2006 at its core.

KOSHISH is an organization that supports people with mental health and psychosocial issues. KOSHISH is unique is Nepal as its work is driven with passion and carried out by people with a lived experience of psychosocial disability issues. The program are effectively delivered by a multi-disciplinary team comprising of social workers, nurses, development professionals, human rights lawyers, psychologists and psychiatrists. 

KOSHISH activities are focused on:


KOSHISH started as informal self-help group set up with self-experience modality with strong commitment, passion and interest. Organization sought to establish the right of the persons living with mental health and psychosocial issues through advocacy making the beneficiaries able to speak up and demand openly. Existing plans, policies, laws and regulations of the government are the major hurdles for the enjoyment of human rights of persons who have mental health and psychosocial issues because their participations in the public affairs are notably compromised. KOSHISH, against this scenario, has been conducting advocacy based on the experiences and evidences collected from community based service delivery.  

KOSHISH has evolved as Disable Peoples’ Organization (DPO) working in mental health sector in a twin-track approach i.e. advocacy & awareness and community based service delivery.

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Mental health and psycho-social well-being for all.


KOSHISH seeks to ensure dignified life for people with psychosocial issues through improving and implementing policies and legislation and expanding community-based mental health and psychosocial support.


Quality of life of people living with psychosocial problems is improved.