KOSHISH is a pioneer right based organization evolved from persons with lived experience

“making an effort” in the field of mental health and psychosocial disability.


Following the right based movement in the disability sector in 1990 with the slogan of “nothing for us without us”, psychosocial issues movement gained momentum beginning in 2008.



Promoting self-advocacy and representing the right holders, KOSHISH has been demanding for rights of persons with psychosocial issues to be protected.



KOSHISH has been advocating for adoption and implementation of laws and policies to be in line with constitution of Nepal, UNCRPD and other international human rights standards in local context.


KOSHISH is also promoting scalable community based mental health and psychosocial support program as part of its social responsibility and developing it as a model which the government of Nepal may replicate in the future.

Voices of KOSHISH Right Holders


Vision, Mission & Goal