Ambition trap inside the bar
Posted on: 13 Feb, 2016

Dammari (pseudo name), 30, who had a dream to imprison the culprits had herself living inside the bar since last eight years. She was also chained not for her criminal activities but only for mental health problem. 
As her mother interviewed on one of the national television, the resident of Jhapa (Eastern part of Nepal) Dammari had been suffering from this problem soon she returned from Nawlaparasi where she visited in making the dream true with her friends. As per information, she had accidently fell down there and was almost deaf-like since then. She only stared but not communicate. Worrying on their child, the family members didn’t delay in her treatment. As a result, Dammari was taken to witch-doctor to medical treatment. She was also given current in order to recover her mental health but failed in every attempts.  Since then, she had living the life like domestic animal.
With the information from The National Human Rights Commission’s Eastern Regional Office and Women and Children Office, Jhapa, KOSHISH helped her getting out of the bar for her proper treatment. She was brought to KOSHISH’ sort term residential care on 13th Feb, 2016.
With the proper care and medication, the deaf-like Dammari started to communicate somehow with the staffs of KOSHISH and her colleagues in the transit home. “As her problem is too severe and had wrong treatment previously, it takes additional times for the full recovery of Dammai”, suggested the psychiatrist observing her.