An emergency psychosocial support at Bhaktapur
Posted on: 15 May, 2015


Nepal Earthquake of April 25th and its major aftershock have caused great human and physical calamities throughout the country. Around 8 thousand and 6 hundred people have been killed. Large number of people has lost their family members. Rest of others is forced to camp under open sky. According to the Home Ministry source, the death toll in Bhaktapur district alone has reached 330. More than 2 thousand people have been seriously injured. 19 thousand houses in the district have completely collapsed. 9 thousand houses have developed cracks and are rendered unfit for use.
The heartrending devastation and series of aftershocks have seriously jeopardized people's psychological wellbeing. Most of them have developed fear, trauma, and avoidance behavior and are vulnerable to serious mental distress. If these behaviors are not tackled in time, they may escalate into serious mental health problems which likely to raise the number of psychosocial disabilities by contributing to other disability as well.
To tackle these problems in positive manner, KOSHSISH has initiated a project 'Emergency Psychosocial Response to the earthquake affected people of Bhaktapur' under the financial support of CBM. The project has psychiatric services, psychosocial support and psychosocial counseling as its major activities. These services will be provided from 4 major spaces: City Clinic, Chyamasing; Primary Health Center of Dadhikot in Anantalingeshwar VDC; City Clinic of Madhyapur Thimi and Bhaktapur Hospital of Bhaktapur Municipality. Four teams of concerned experts have already begun their services. The project will phase out by the end of coming December.