Challenge of Rehabilitation
Posted on: 12 Jun, 2015


A girl of about 11 years old has been rescued from the street of Bauddha, Kathmandu on 1st June 2015 and brought her at the KOSHISH Transit Home. The girl does not know anything about her family and herself. She speaks only a few words like a three year old baby. According to the locals of Bauddha, she was wandering on the streets for about a month. The psychiatrist of Transit Home diagnosed her as a mental retardation along with insomnia. She has now started receiving holistic service of mental health at Transit Home. Her insomnia would be cured while mental retardation is a challenge for rehabilitation. 

In Nepal, most of family members who have children living with mental retardation refuse to take care of them. There are no organizations for treatment and protection these kind of cases.  KOSHISH is facing challenges in rehabilitation to some of the women and girls living with mental health problems who have nowhere to go because of their loss of family members or even the stigma prevailed in the society.