Clear Sky after the Rain
Posted on: 30 Apr, 2018


Rajesh Hamal (Pseudonym) 26 years, from Panauti Municipality, “I used to work before I was diagnosed with the mental illness. I did not go to work for few months. But now if I don’t, I have recurring thoughts in my mind, so I get myself busy in every possible way”, says with smile in his face.

Everything was going well until after 2 years of foreign employment one day Rajesh came home without informing his family members.

“After coming suddenly, after two years, we were shocked. He did not communicate with us”, recalls his mother.

After two months, he started showing strange behavior. He neglected his personal hygiene, talking and laughing alone, roaming without purpose and irregular sleep.

Mrs. Reena Puri, Auxiliary Nursing Midwife (ANM) working in Panauti Health Post, trained by KOSHISH was neighbor of Rajesh. She could see that he is having mental health issue and recommended his family to take him to Psychiatric OPD conducted by KOSHISH in partnership with CBM in Primary Health Center, Panauti.

His family members took him to psychiatric OPD where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and started medication. In between due to lack of family support in medication his condition relapsed.

But after the extensive and comprehensive follow up and psycho-education of family members and community people by KOSHISH, he started the regular medication under the supervision of his family members.

Mr. Rajendra Hamal, (50 years) father of Rajesh was very worried about his family prestige says, “I never thought he would be like this. Irregular medication had made his condition worse. But now he has started working and earning for himself.”

ANM, Mrs. Puri says, “We never thought he would start working and earn for himself. I recommended him for his treatment, I feel happy for him he is leading a normal life.”

Now, Rajesh has started working as security guard in local financial institution. His co-worker supports him to have his medicines regularly. This has helped him to live a dignified life and continue his work.