Durga Devi now takes care of her baby
Posted on: 30 Sep, 2015


Durga Devi can take care of her baby well now. She is one of the active members at House of Hope who not only cares about her but also help other to do their work. Life of Durga Devi has improved significantly over last few months as she recovered somehow to know about her real condition. Continues medication, therapies, care and support provided at House of Hope turned effective to her. Now, she has shown interest to be back in the family. Durga Devi is 28 years old. She was born on an average middle class family from Pausani, a place in Nawalparasi district of middle Terai. She is the youngest and only daughter in the family of four members. Her parents had a small business to support the family. She was a bright child. Her parents were happy seeing their daughter excelling in education. When she was in grade eight, the first symptom of mental health problem appeared in Durga Devi. It began with a strong disinterest to education and school followed by feeling lonely, getting irritated quickly and roaming within her community, etc. Though family consulted some local healers, they could not afford her treatment at the hospital. Her family could not control her behavior. She started to live and roam on the street. But the live at the street was not so easy for DurgaDevi, people used abusive language and tried chasing her away from their community. She was also abused and raped, nobody cared about her. After sometime, she gave birth to a boy child. Her family kept her separately on cow shed. It is said that she had a baby earlier too. The baby was given to the orphanage by relatives. Local ‘Women and Children Office’ knew about the critical condition of Durga Devi and her child. The local women officer said, ‘after a long search finally we get to know about House of Hope.’ On 27th January 2015, Durga Devi was rescued and brought to House of Hope. Initial assessment by psychiatric doctor identified her problem to be psychosis. The doctor advised her with medicines. At the beginning, she was unable to take care of the baby, couldn’t care her personal hygiene, used get irritated with groups and also had sleeping disorder. After a month of care and support, she started caring her baby, being active in daily activities and started caring well about her personal hygiene. The biggest worry of Durga Devi is associated with her baby. ‘I am in a condition that someone has to look after me’, she says ‘who shall take care of my baby?’KOSHISH is facing challenge to reintegrate her back to family.