Entered Home After Four Years
Posted on: 13 Apr, 2014


Maya (name changed) does not have clear memory of what happened in the last four years. She is completely unknown about how her past four years went. She only knows that she was mentally ill earlier and now she has become healthy.

Maya and her fifteen months old daughter entered in her parent’s home in Baglung district (western part of Nepal) on 13th April 2014. The KOSHISH team has successfully reintegrated Maya and her daughter with the help of Women Development Officer and Local Police. Maya’s father and the community people were surprised to see Maya back in their community.

Two years ago, a local newspaper had published Maya’s news. KOSHISH heard about the news and brought her to the Transit home with her six months old daughter inorder to provide treatment. At Transit Home, she received treatment for eight months.

After reaching her community, she started to recall her past memories. Maya thanked KOSHISH for helping her in treatment and rehabilitation. "Now I will stay with my father and try to live a happy life", she states.