Family and community level intervention turn effective
Posted on: 25 Sep, 2015


After three months of intensive care and support, Shova was reintegrated in her family and community Thimreswara of Gorkha district on 29th September 2013.  She was identified with severe schizophrenia having symptoms like crying, and attacking others along with being restless, and impatient regularly. Informal care including medical support, psychologists and social support turned effective to her at KOSHISH House of Hope, she recovered quickly.

She was provided with regular follow-up and medicinal support by KOSHISH. She was called for psychiatric follow-up as well on every three months in normal. She was able to carry all her regular household tasks of daily life such as cooking, sanitation and taking care of livestock.

On 25thApril 2015 alike others, a major earthquake hit Shova’s family. Her house was completely collapsed and she remained with no place to stay. Earlier, KOSHISH had provided her a goat to support her livelihood. Even that goat was dead from earthquake now. ‘All the food and utensils are buried under the broken house’, said Shova’s mother.

On the telephone follow-up by KOSHISH after earthquake, it was discovered that Sova had developed some symptoms of metal distress. She had symptoms like crying, shouting and being restless. She preferred staying alone. On 12th August 2015 KOSHISH sent a team with a counselor to provide individual and family counseling for Sova at her community.  Now, Sova’s condition has improved. Her family is still living in the tent, as government has not given any support yet. We hope Sova will recover soon.