Maili is now reintegrates into her family
Posted on: 13 Jun, 2014

Joy had no boundary while seeing their daughter, Maili infront of them after six months of disappearance from home. 24 years old Maili had mental health problem and her father said that they were tensed when they could not find their daughter. Social worker’s team of KOSHISH was successful in reintegrating Maili in her own family at Dhadhing-7, Thumki on 13th June 2014. Five months back, she was found by the police in a helpless condition around Godawari area, Lalitpur who had taken her to Women Cell, Jawalakhel. With the request from Women Development Office Lalitpur and Women Police Cell, she was kept at KOSHISH Transit Home where she was provided with treatment services. After much of investigation and tracing, her home location and family was found. Finding her in a good condition after such a long time, Maili’s parents were very thankful to KOSHISH. Her family members and neighbors were surprised to see her back at home in such good condition.