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Program Conducted on Breaking the Chains of Stigma in Mental Health
Posted on: 20 Feb, 2014


With the collaboration of KOSHISH, National Mental Health Foundation and Martin Chautari, a program on “Breaking the Chains of Stigma in Mental Health” was held in the premises of Martin Chautari with the Chair of Collective Rights Division Head of National Human Rights Commission and with the participation of organizations related to Mental Health as well as the journalists.

The program was started with a documentary, “Transformed Lives” which is based on the people with mental health problems who have received treatment and have been reintegrated in their own community. Mr. Matrika Devkota, Chair Person of KOSHISH, showed a short documentary and provided detail information about “Dr. Guislain - Breaking the Chains of Stigma Award” which he had received on 10th October 2013 on World Mental Health Day.

National Human Rights Commission, Collective Division Head, Mr. Surya Deuja stated that inspite of the continuous effort, direct outcome will not be seen in the sector of mental health and in this sector, collaborative voice should be raised. He further added that even mere words can hamper the human dignity and thus, in the discussions related to mental health, dignified words should be used. Giving priority to the mental health, he said that National Human Rights Commission has been working in cooperation KOSHISH.

Having suffered from mental health problem for a long time and after receiving treatment, dedicating his entire life in working for minimizing the stigma, inhuman and discriminatory behaviour, Mr. Matrika Devkota said that he feels proud to work in the Mental Health sector in Nepal and it is also a matter of pride to achieve international reorganization and award for his contribution in the mental health sector in Nepal. He mentioned that the main objective of KOSHISH is to bring Mental Health in the Priority of Health Agenda.

Mr. Matrika Devkota answered to the queries put forward by the journalists who participated in the program.