Rescued father and two sons with mental health problem
Posted on: 24 Nov, 2013


KOSHISH has rescued three persons having mental health problem from the same family in 24th November 2013. Father Bhim Prasad Bhattarai and sons; Deepak and Shankar are rescued by KOSHISH team from Jutepani V.D.C in eastern part of Chitwan district.  

KOSHISH has been offering emergency relief supports for abandoned women with mental health problem. However this is the case where KOSHISH supported male clients by realizing the sensitivity of their family condition. The mother was only person in their family to take care of her two sons and husband.  As all the three male members have mental health problem she had a whole responsibility of her family and she had been spending a stressful life for years. She has tolerated all the sorrows for years and years with a hope to make her family better.

The news of drew the attention of KOSHISH. The portal has news with headline “Father and two sons with mental illness from Jutepani in eastern Chitwan”. KOSHISH team reached to the spot and rescued them with the hope of giving them new rays of life.

Father and two sons are undergoing treatment in KOSHISH. They have been taken proper care by the transit home team. They were taught toilet training, eating manners and other basic things. Now, significant change can be seen in their behavior.