Safe Delivery of Rape Victim Woman
Posted on: 5 Sep, 2015


Abused in street after mental health problem

On 3rd September 2015 Pujalaxmi gave birth to a healthy boy child at the hospital. She was very happy to have a baby with her. ‘I am thankful to what KOSHISH has done to me’, she said after the delivery at the hospital ‘I don’t know where would I be now and what would I be doing.’ Pujalxmi loves her baby and is worried how she could give him a better future. She is stable now.But Pujalaxmi was not stable when she was brought to House of Hope on 23rd May 2015 from Koteshwor, Kathmandu. It was the local residents of Koteshwor who helped get Pujalaxmi up to House of Hope. Local residents reported that she had lived there for almost five years. She had made a tent using old clothes and pieces of plastic on Mitranagar, the place she used for staying at night. The local residents had taken Pujalaxmi as a trouble. They used abusive words and wanted her to stay away from their community. The result was she developed violent behavior. Pujalaxmi frequently visited a local temple. But local people were unhappy to see her at the temple. They started to complain on local police station. ‘We were tired listening complains about her’, told a local police officer. Nobody understood that she was behaving wrongly as a result of wrong treatment by community people. Pujalaxmi was also the victim of sexual abuse brutally at the street. She was raped time and again. None helped nor cared the torture Pujalaxmi was going through. Eventually, she happened to be pregnant. At House of Hope, doctor identified her problem being chronic schizophrenia. Her violent behavior was the result hatred given by pedestrians at the street. She also had illusion that someone might kill her. It almost took one month for her to understand that medicines were given to improve her condition. Slowly she began to recover. Psychosocial counseling and several therapies helped her recovery process. She started taking medicine herself. Informal support, love and care at House of Hope her problem became milder day by day. Yet her delusion is not fully improved. KOSHISH has made several attempts to seek her family, till today where she came from is unknown.