Woman rescued
Posted on: 17 Jul, 2015


A 34-years woman, Nabita (name changed) is an active client of Transit Home. She enjoys in doing all household chores of Transit Home. She also helps other clients to do their assigned tasks.

Nabita was a brilliant student while studying at high-school. She had married with a person but unfortunately he left her alone and vanished from the locality. Nabita came back to her maternal home but she developed severe depression. She went for psychiatric consultation and took medicines. Her mother took care of her. Sorrow of life continued with the death of her mother. Gradually the symptoms of mental problems were seen with her. She started to roam unknowingly and talk mindlessly. As she had no place to go, she came to the street.

Nabita was rescued by KOSHISH on 23rd June 2015 from Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. ‘She was roaming around the streets without proper foods and shelter for 2 years’, said local people. The locals informed KOSHISH about her condition and the KOSHISH team responded it immediately and rescued her.

Now, a dramatic improvement can be seen with Nabita's mental health. KOSHISH believes she will recover soon and have a meaningful life again.