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Community Based Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Program

Short-Term Rehabilitation and Care Program (STRCP)

KOSHISH is implementing community based mental health and psychosocial support program since 2011. KOSHISH is investing in developing sustainable service delivery model as Short-Term Rehabilitation and Care Program (STRCP) inspired by UNCRPD Article 19 (b) providing access to a range of in-home, residential and other community support services including personal assistance necessary to support living and inclusion in the community, and to prevent isolation or segregation from the community.


KOSHISH has been working in the field of mental health since 2008 and currently runs a short-term rehabilitation and care program for people with severe mental health and psychosocial issues where they stay for a short period of time throughout their treatment process so that they can be rehabilitated back into their community. The main focus is reintegration and rehabilitation of the beneficiaries back into their families and communities after treatment. To ensure that these reintegrated beneficiaries live a purposeful and dignified life post recovery, in future, the program involves beneficiaries in different therapeutic activities as a part of treatment process, which will help them develop and practice life skills to make them independent in their daily lives.

Mission: The mission of the STRCP is to transform lives of people with mental health and psychosocial issues through comprehensive psychosocial services, nursing care, medication and residential facilities.

Vision: To ensure mental health and psychosocial wellbeing for all on equal basis with others irrespective of age, sex, cast, religion, race or type of disability.

Strategies: Giving life to Article 19 of UNCRPD; transforming communities for inclusion ensuring the right of persons with disabilities to live independently and be included in the community and SDGs Goal No 3; ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. The STRCP is based on the objective shared by SDGs as "No One Left Behind" by promoting and preventing and treating mental health conditions and promoting wellbeing for all.


KOSHISH is very much aware about the problems of institutions and asylums globally and the "short term residential care program" from its beginning has served as a midway emergency care center for needy people. The program has been helping these abandoned and extremely vulnerable people in their recovery and reintegration into their own family and community. So far, KOSHISH has rescued and received 624 beneficiaries among which 425 were women and 199 were men. Total of 8,850 community people have been aware on mental health and psychosocial issues. Out of the total rescue, 590 persons successfully reintegrated in the families and communities after their recovery (until September 2018).