Specialized Care

In practices specialised services is essential only for 8 to 10% of the total population who have mental health and psychosocial problems. Being specialized care this required high resources comparing to others and those who required this support have measurable life which is restricted from all sorts of basic needs. Family and community show no responsibility toward such cases; as a result they reach out to street or kept chained or locked compromising their basic human rights. When this is a case of women and girls their vulnerability intensified more as they are in the high risk of sexual abuses on the street. Realizing the special need of neglected or abandoned women and girls with severe mental health and psychosocial support, KOSHISH established short term residential support service in 2011. Under KOSHISH specialised care service, two short term residential services are providing services.

House of Peace

This is the residential care and support service available for abandoned or neglected women and girls who have severe mental health and psychosocial problems. KOSHISH House of Peace Program hosts 40 women and girls at one time and facilitates for their reintegration after enabling them to achieve stable mental health condition. This is a short term residential support service in which the clients are provided with holistic mental health and psychosocial service by psychiatric consultant, psychosocial counsellor, social workers, nurse, care takers and others. This program has immensely become successful to set the example that mental health and psychosocial problems are treatable and can be managed through proper care and support challenging to deeply rooted social stigma and misconception.

Transit Home is a 'short term' residential emergency relieve centre' which strives to provide women and girls with holistic treatment that includes psychotropic drugs, counseling, recreational activities and range of therapies. The ultimate objective is to rehabilitate the clients into their family and community.

KOSHISH facilitates the process of rehabilitation by identifying the family, and providing psychosocial education to the family members as well as the community. KOSHISH Transit Home has the capacity to provide emergency residential service to 20 women and girls with mental health problem at one time. The Transit Home ensures that the women and girls reintegrated into their families live a life with dignity and respect.

House of Hope

House of Hope hosts 20 male who have severe mental health and psychosocial problems and affected by earthquake at one time. This is also a transit service located in Lalitpur. This program is emerged as earthquake response program.

Peer Support

KOSHISH Peer Support Program is a unique forum developed by the persons who have mental health and psychosocial issues being self motivated to support and encourage one another. In this forum, members are met on weekly basis and develop the sense of caring and sharing to each other. This helps building mutual cooperation, harmony and self confidence among the participants. There is no any financial obligation for the participants to take part in this Program. It has also helped the members to reduce stress, maintain daily routine and has become the means to be happy as they meet friends having similar issues. Many members in peer support express the feeling that they feel good when they come to peer support program. People with mental health problems are often excluded to participate from political, economic, social, cultural and administrative activities. As a result, their skills, abilities efficiency habits are being lost due to lack of use. The peer - support program facilitates to identify the potentiality of the members and inspires them to develop proficiency in the area of their maximum potentiality.

Peer Support Program: Counseling Peer Support Program: Group Discussion
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