"Success Stories" published
Posted on: 20 Dec, 2013


“Success Stories”, the book based on the facts of people with mental health problem/psycho-social disability has been published. The book was prepared by collecting facts and data about the persons with mental health problems/psycho-social disability who had received treatment and managed their illness. Like other people, the characters of these stories have also been contributing in national and international level. It is reflected from their stories that even when a person suffers from mental health problem, if he/she is provided with right kind of treatment, at the right time, he/she can make remarkable contribution in the society. Through this publication, we believe that, this book which includes data and explanations will be useful to the concerned stakeholders of mental health field, students and the general public. Simple English and Nepali languages have been used in this book. This book has been published by KOSHISH, National Mental Health Self-Help Organization with financial help from HimalPartner Norway.