A dowry bed and chained for years

Published on: 6th May 2019


Life of Babita is an example of how women are subjugated in every sphere of their life in traditional patriarchal society of Nepal. As a child she was forced to leave her education due to the economic condition of her family. Thereafter she engaged herself in household activities. After some years, her marriage was fixed with the dowry bargained at NRs 90,000 lump sum besides other gifts. 
However, the groom side added the demand of the folding bed which her family could not afford at the time of marriage. So, they promised to provide the bed later. The marriage ceremony was conducted on the scheduled date. However, they refused to take the bed later saying that their prestige was already ruined since the bed was not given on the day of marriage. Yet, her husband and in laws kept torturing her physically and mentally along with regular beating and cursing for the folding bed.

Due to continuous torture she left the house and return to her maternal home mentally distressed and with the wounds and injury marks on her body. She was taken to the traditional healer but her situation did not improve. Her condition became worse and her behavior became more and more aggressive. Because of this she was chained for almost 8 years. KOSHISH came to know about her condition through online news and rescued her. She got comprehensive treatment through rehabilitation services of KOSHISH and recovered gradually. She was reintegrated back in her maternal home in support of her brother. Now, she is engaged in the farm and other household chores. She is healthy and happy now. 

"My husband has now settled with his second wife and refused to take me in. Now I want to get my conjugal legal rights with him". Babita Yadav