Capacity Enhancement and Need Assessment for Self Advocates

Published on: 28th Jun 2018


A ‘training and capacity building need assessment of persons with mental health/psychosocial disability’ was organized on 27th April, 2018 in the premises of Union House, Anamnagar, Kathmandu which was attended by a total of 21 participants including 17 self-advocates. The program was organized with the objective of informing self-advocates on psychosocial disability, Disability Act, 2017 and UNCRPD and identifying the needs of self-advocates to have a better understanding of their expectations and requirements in terms of building their capacity.

Self-advocate, Mr. Matrika Devkota facilitated a session on sharing of information where the participants were provided information about psychosocial disability, Disability Act, 2017 and UNCRPD. He mentioned that in Nepal, the Disability Rights Act, 2017 has clearly defined rights of persons with disabilities, including psychosocial disability and it has protected them. In addition to it, Nepal has ratified UNCRPD as well, which is an international document which has defined the rights of persons with disabilities and can be used as a tool for advocacy. The state party is compelled to work toward ensuring the rights mentioned in the UNCRPD. Therefore, he recommended that every participant should read these documents and have knowledge about it.

In regard to the capacity building need assessment, the participants were divided into 3 groups with 6 participants in 2 groups and 5 participants in 1. They were requested to list down the issues or topics in which they would want to build their capacity and make short presentations following the discussion. Some of the issues put forward by the groups were: Medicine management, self-dependence and self-employment, personality, communication and leadership development, awareness raising activities and government laws and policies.

The participants had a positive outlook to them being consulted for the capacity building needs. One of the participant mentions, “This sort of program gives us an opportunity to put our views forward and makes us realize that our opinions matter as well. The training needs that have been mentioned by our friends today are very relevant and if these are provided to self-advocates and self-help group members, it will definitely support in improving their lives”. Another participant mentioned, “It is good that we are being consulted about our training needs and I hope that the group work that we have carried out will be incorporated in the document that is being compiled by KOSHISH. The trainings that we have mentioned today are very important and I can relate it to myself to the time when I was new to these trainings.

KOSHISH has been able to collect their valuable feedback and it will be taken into serious consideration in the capacity building programs which will be carried out in the future.