Recovery from a traumatic suffering

Published on: 11th Oct 2018


Mangal (Pseudonym), at present, lives ‘‘a happy life'' with his family members in Harkapur, Okhaldhunga. Family members and community are very supportive to him. He actively participates in community activities .He owns a grocery shop at their own house for livelihood. He states that as a head of the family he takes care of his   children and parents. He is aware of his health conditions and ongoing treatment. His wife happily states that his family never imagined that their happiness would be recouped like it is now.

About 7-8 years ago, a person drowned in the Sunkoshi River near Mangal's house and many people gathered around the bank but none attempted to save him. On seeing this, Mangal, without thinking twice, dived into the river to save him and brought him to the bank. Mangal tried to save him but unfortunately, despite his tireless attempt, he died on his arms. Following the incident, Mangal started to drink alcohol which later got worse and started to exhibit unusual behaviors which affected his daily functioning. He was taken to the witch doctor and after no improvement was seen he was later taken to TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj for treatment where he showed promising improvement but soon relapsed after the discontinuation of the medicine.

 He was very suspicious to his family and friends and often yelled at him. He used to look fearful, aggressive and often had crying spells. Gradually, he developed insomnia and his excitement was noticed to be increased. He was often noted dancing with no need to sleep and once jumped from his own roof breaking his legs thinking he is a bird and could fly. In addition, talking unnecessarily, self-taking with high ambitious content were noted in his conversation. Furthermore, self-neglect, neglect to duties, increased aggression were also noticed and would beat up children without any reasons.  His symptoms aggravated after the massive earthquake where his house was partially destroyed by the disaster.

Mangal was brought to KOSHISH for treatment in co-ordination with the field staffs of KOSHISH. After the psychiatric consultation, he was diagnosed psychosis NOS and treatment was initiated. After a couple of weeks stay at the transit home he started showing signs of improvement. He started to be involved in the therapeutic and recreational activities conducted at the transit home. During his stay, he expressed his interest to participate in the reconstruction of his partially damaged house. He was reintegrated to his family after few months of treatment at the KOSHISH transit home. At present, he is under regular medications and follow up.