There is always a hope; transformation of Rajan

Published on: 26th Oct 2018


“He always wanted to study in boarding school like his friends”, says Shova Thapa (42 yrs) mother of Rajan Thapa (pseudonym), 24 years, from Chhampi, Lalitpur who suffered from schizophrenia at very young age. “With all we have we admitted him in Boarding school, but could not continue to pay his expensive fees so transferred him to government school”, she added.

This changed the behavior of Rajan who started being careless in study, bunking classes along with his friends. He then started smoking from age of 9 years due to peer pressure. Following his smoking habit he started taking drugs as well.
Father of three children in the family, Ratna Thapa was unable to work and pay for breads in the family. Ratna had an accident which made his hands and leg unable to work. This caused mental health issues in him and ultimately the financial burden of the family came on mother’s shoulder. She could support the family through agriculture or paid labour.

“Rajan left his school when he was in class 8 due to drug addiction. We were unaware till he was 18. We admitted him to the hospital for treatment. He showed positive changes”, recalls his mother. She adds, “But due to irregular medication, he relapsed again and we took him to Patan Mental Hospital for treatment. This could not get him back to normal.”

Rajan was referred by FCHV from Chhampi to KOSHISH’s Community Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Program in Lalitpur. After psychosocial counselor took counseling session in several frequency with him and his family members, he was referred to visit psychiatric OPD of Lele managed by KOSHISH for proper diagnosis. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and started medication.

Due to irregular medication his problem relapsed again. Psychosocial counselor referred him for special treatment at KOSHISH’s male short term rehabilitation center. He was treated under the comprehensive and holistic care of KOSHISH for 2 months and reintegrated to his family. 

“Now, he has started to do his general household work”, says his mother. “The staff from KOSHISH visits him regularly for follow up. He remains busy in agricultural works and supports me some times in the field”, she added.

FCHV who referred him says, “The condition of Rajan is good now but sometimes he shows same behavior but that’s due to stress. The regular medication has helped him a lot.” 

Staff of Chhampi Health Post has appreciated the work of KOSHISH and wish to continue his medicine for a longer time. His medicine is not listed on free psychotropic drugs list there may be an issue on continuation of medicine in future but proper follow up even after completion of KOSHISH’s project and home visit as well as counseling service will be handed over to local health post.