Title Date
Seminar with MPs 2019-06-06
National Consultation and Report Sharing Program On Mental Health and GBV 2019-05-14
Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit 2018 2018-10-24
Recovery from a traumatic suffering 2018-10-11
Capacity Enhancement and Need Assessment for Self Advocates 2018-06-28
Face to Face Program on Suicide Prevention 2018-04-04
Interaction Program on CMHC Package 2074 and Annual Work Plan Development 2018-03-23
Fourth Regional Level Training on Mental Health and Human Rights 2017-09-18
Devkota became Ashoka Fellow 2017-09-06
Rotary supports materials to the beneficiaries 2017-04-24
KOSHISH received Social Service Award 2015-12-04
International Disability Day celebrated 2015-12-03
Devkota honored 2015-10-09
A forum on roles of social workers in mental health 2015-07-25
Earthquake and Mental Health 2015-06-18
A discussion forum with Film Artists 2014-12-16
KOSHISH celebrates World Mental Health Day 2014-10-10
KOSHISH Chairperson Mr. Devktoa received Punawati Prasain Women Rights and Upliftment Award 2014-08-17
The Roles and Responsibilities of Psychology Students 2014-07-20
Awareness and fundraising program 2014-06-01
An interaction program held on “Importance of Integrating Mental Health in Primary Health: Opportu 2014-03-12
Workshop on "Reintegration & access to justice of women with psycho-social/mental health problem" 2014-02-24
Program Conducted on Breaking the Chains of Stigma in Mental Health 2014-02-20
"Success Stories" published 2013-12-20
Program for the Promotion and Protection of Mental Health 2013-10-17

Advocacy and Awareness

Achievements within the past few years:

  • Representation in NFD-N (2015,2019): Mr. Matrika Devkota, founder chairperson represented as a central board member in the executive committee of the NFD-N from 2015-2019. Secretary General of KOSHISH Mr. Sanjay Raj Neupane has been elected without objection as the board member of the National Federation of the Disabled- Nepal (NFDN) from 2019.
  • Establishment of Mental Health Focal Division & Focal Unit (2015):  KOSHISH advocated for establishment of Mental Health Focal Unit for a long time in Ministry of Health and Population. KOSHISH has been acknowledged for their effort in establishment of by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization in public forums. Read more
  • National Health policy update: Government of Nepal formulated, brought in and implemented an updated National Health Policy – 2014 after 23 years including mental health as core component of health. Read more
  • Adoption of Disability Right Act – 2017: Mainstreamed psychosocial disability as one of the major component, which includes separate provision for persons with MHPS disability regarding additional services and support. KOSHISH has been acknowledged for their efforts by NFDN. Read more
  • Public Health Act - 2018: KOSHISH contributed continuously for formulation of public health act of Nepal. Read more
  • Political manifestos of various parties during the election included mental health and disability. Read more
  • UNCRPD recommendations to Nepal includes protection of rights of persons with psychosocial disability as well. Read more
  • Mental Health Multisectoral Action Plan included in the National Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Non-communicable disease, 2014-20. Read more


KOSHISH collaborating with 

Bureaucrats | Constitutional Body Members | Judges | Members of Parliament | Minstry of Health & Population | Minstry of Women, Children & Senior Citizen | National Human Right Commission | Ministry of Law & Justice | Parliamentary Committe for Law | Justice and Human Rights