Advocacy and Awareness

KOSHISH is a right based organization run by the people having passion combined with professionalism on mental health and psychosocial issues in Nepal. The organization sought to establish the right of the persons living with mental health and psychosocial problems through advocacy/self advocacy making the rightholders/beneficiaries able to speak up and demand openly. Existing laws and policies of the government are the major hurdles for the enjoyment of human rights of persons who have mental health and psychosocial issues because their participations in the public affairs are notably compromised. KOSHISH, against this scenario, has been conducting advocacy encouraging more and more numbers of self advocates to come out with their problems openly and involved in advocacy for their rights. The goal and emphasis of this program is to promote and protect rights of persons with mental health aand psychosocil issues through increased awareness among policy makers. We work on health as well as beyond the health incorporating various cross cutting and multisectoral issues. We are widely valued for our policy guidance and support to the Government of Nepal. KOSHISH draws its policy advice from holistic perspective and works in coordination and collaboratin with organizations working on mental health issues, Humana Rights, Gender, Child, including National Human Rights Commission, academic institutes and the civil society, media house and professionals. Priority programs under Advocacy and Awareness are;

  • Review laws, policies and programs from Mental health and psychosocial perspective in line with international human right standards
  • Media mobilization and awareness promotion
  • Networking and collaboration with likeminded organizations and stakeholders
  • Prepare human right defenders and self advocates