Breaking every chain that kept her from being free

Published on: 11th Oct 2018


Munmaya (name changed) a 32 years old unmarried girl experiencing severe Mental Health problem has been rescued by KOSHISH. Her problem began when a boy she was madly in love with refused to marry her and the symptoms became more severe after the 2015 April earthquake. She was chained by the bed and remained chained for years. People with severe mental health condition and psychosocial disability in Nepal are chained, tied, and locked up at homes or are abandoned in the streets. Mental health has been and continues to be a neglected issue in Nepal. The worst-case scenarios are seen in rural Nepal due to a lack of awareness of the seriousness of mental health issues. People with mental health problems are treated in the most inhumane ways possible. Nevertheless, it remains a silent epidemic and a neglected health issue in Nepal. At KOSHISH, Munmaya lives a life free from chains. She is taken care of and most importantly treated like a human being. There has been a hope for recovery as she is slowly coming back to her normal self.