Restoring the happiness and dignity of abandoned

Published on: 13th Mar 2018


Harimaya from Udayapur was repeatedly subjected to domestic violence by her husband and she started demonstrating aggressive behavior towards people around her creating terror in the family. Lastly, she was abandoned by her family and was bound to live on the streets due to lack of care from her family. After having spent almost 20 years on streets of Udayapur district, she finally got treatment on the joint effort of KOSHISH and APEIRON.

She was often spotted wandering aimlessly, muttering and sometimes being aggressive to passer-by on the street. She was rescued on 10th June 2017. Harimaya in her initial days was very aggressive, often stayed isolated and hardly engaged in activities. She had hallucinations which were distressing her and demonstrated difficulty in indulging into any form of conversation. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and after treatment was initiated she showed tremendous change in her behavior.

Harimaya gradually started recalling her past. She repeatedly asked to go home and mentioned that she had a family. The outreach worker of KOSHISH tried it hard to track her family with the help of local leaders and finally based upon her information she was reintegrated to her family at Udayapur on 24th December, 2017.

At present, she is under the care of her son and daughter in law. Harimaya stated that she would love to take care of her children and help them in her household chores during her discharge from KOSHISH's Transit Home.